Episode Eleven - cycle 14 recap

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So apparently I was an angel ...who fell ...and turned into a demon who then got some kind of nose job (similar to pinochio) that swelled and unswelled randomly. EPIC. Let me ask you a question. If you were living in a house filled with a bunch of girls with no TV, or movies, or internet, ...or CELL PHONES (teardrops) for a very long period of time, would you EVER talk about someone? Well, I did. However, I am very happy to say that I never fought with anyone or was real mean or nasty at all. Yes, I gossip: I'M A MEMBER OF THE FEMALE SPECIES.

I do love how they picked out the ONLY times I ever said anything about someone and aired it for this beautiful bloopers episode! And I must say that the cartoon drawings really were just beyond entertaining. I'm not going to lie....IT WAS AWESOME. lol

Naduah: Yes, she really did wear lacy, see through, barely there, teddy/thong-type, booty in your face, wearing on a honeymoon-type things to bed every night. It did catch me off guard. I remember asking her, "Isn't it uncomfortable?" Her response was; "I like to be sexy." My response "...for who?" But I must remember, "to each his (her, in this case) own". Ya gotta love her.

Jessica: Jessica didn't know where Hawaii, New Zealand, Europe (YES EUROPE) and Canada were. There was one point were she thought that Europe was on top of Canada, and New Zealand was on top of Europe. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised seeing as she "didn't know how it happened" when she was telling Tyra about getting pregnant at 16 on the first episode. If I had to describe her in one word.....I wouldn't have one. It's just Jessica. You can't NOT smile when thinking of her!

Anslee: I do believe she did this "booty dance" almost every night. I will admit that if it was a booty shaking contest, she would definitely get the gold...but Alasia might tie with her. Boyfriend's comment: "Raina, why can't you dance like that?"

But what really got me, i mean GOT ME, was when the editors showed the close-up of everyone's toenails. EEEEEEEK! I am just going to pretend that they "photoshop-ed" them that way, because that's just terrifying. No, I don't get a pedicure every week, but I do keep them looking NON-hobbit-esque.

You've Got Mail (or elephant trunk?)

THE PERFECT MAN: First of all, I have the most amazing boyfriend in the world (minus the comment above) and he does anything and everything for me. Not only is he my #1 fan, but my #1 best friend, and other half (YES IT'S CHEESY BUT ITS TRUE OKAY?!)

Anyway, I get this package in the mail and was like, "OMG!?!?! I GOT MAIL!!!" ...(seriously, i freaked out). I start pulling out "body parts" pieces of paper containing pictures such as feathers, a washboard, the country of Guam, a gold heart, etc. etc. and...AN ELEPHANT TRUNK (ahem).

There were also a choice of three heads. One was Josh Hartnett (my male celebrity crush..hehehe), Nigel Barker, Rob Pattinson, and Kristof (my boyfriend). Well, OBVIOUSLY I am going to choose Kristof's head!

There was some tape, and a little note attatched that said,

"Turn all of these pieces over and you will find that you can put them together by matching them with their other number. When finished, you will turn it over and find the perfect man. But first, you must pick a head. I know I will never be perfect, but I do know that I am perfect for you" :)

Well, on the back of each "body part" there was a saying. For example,

on the back of the two sets of feathers it said, "the perfect man must have a soft touch"

for the two countries of Guam it said, "The perfect man must be well traveled"

and for the gold heart it said, "the perfect man must have a heart of gold"

There were MANY more parts, but I won't name them all off in hopes of saving you. Well ...there was an elephant trunk, and at first I was like, "um what the heck?!..." until I flipped it over and it read, "The perfect man must have ......" And I looked up in sheer embarrassment not only to find all the girls laughing, but the camera men DYING of laughter as well! OH MY LANTA!!! Hysterical. I then hung the "perfect man" up next to the door to grace everyone that walked into my room with elephant-ness.

. . . and so ends cycle 14

Wow, this really was one of the best episodes. I thoroughly enjoy laughing...especially at myself. How can you not?!

That about wraps it all up. OH WAIT...I can't forget about the beautiful, lovely, and most classy Krista!

Dear Krista -  I love how you made something up because there wasn't anything else for you to talk about. And for you to make it regarding your looking like a drag-queen, hmmm?  I don't think you look like a drag-queen . . . I seriously think you look about as high fashion as they come. But next time you throw something out there try to make it a bit more credible.

Sincerely - your evil, horn-growing, pinochio-nosed, terrible gossiper, who writes about others being drag queens in her journal.

p.s. even though I highly doubt she did ...why would she read my journal? I must be
interesting or something! Gold Star! :)

Episode Ten - finale (finally!) part II

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Finally! I have been waiting for this day since ANTM first started airing which was my sophomore year in high school . . . not 6th grade (whoopsies).

The concept of the photo shoot was: Two girls, lounging around by the pool who then decide it’s time to go and get ready for their hot date that evening. This was SO FUN.

First of all, I must say that taking a helicopter to an island about 20 minutes outside of Aucklund was INSANE. I have never been on a helicopter ride before. It was simply breathtaking. At first, my feathers were a little ruffled, but after approx. 5 min, all I wanted to do was go super fast and flip upside down (which to my dismay, helicopters cannot do).

Anyway, we land, and a handsome young chap greets us with strawberries and champagne. However, Miss J greets us too (of course) and we are given one more lesson on our runway walks. After this random/questionable activity, Miss J gives us our scripts . . . COVERGIRL SCRIPTS! OH MY LANTA! Sorry, I just got really excited (hence the caps).

Well, I headed straight to my bedroom (extremely luxurious) to study. Oh, and by the way . . . I cannot tell you how amazing it was to have my own room again. I spent TWO WHOLE MONTHS sharing my room with some of the "angels”. Well folks, I would love to tell you that I’ve never slept as good as I did that night, but knowing that I would have to wake up and do a Covergirl photo shoot AND a Covergirl commercial kept me up most of the night. The couple of hours I did manage to “catch a Z (ha ha)” I fell asleep clutching my script to my chest (seriously).

I woke up before anyone, including Krista, and walked down to the water. I sat by myself and took it all in. This island only had two other houses (mansions) on it, so it was more than quiet. I rehearsed my lines even more and then just enjoyed the beauty around me.

As I was hanging out by my lonesome (FOR ONCE) I found a gargantuanely giant tooth/fang. I got SO EXCITED. I NEVER find cool stuff. It was my brother who found an amethyst stone in my backyard at age 5. I was jealous of him. It was my best friend who found a baby bunny in the woods that she ended up getting to keep. I was more than jealous. And it was my cousin who found a tree frog that she also ended up keeping and feeding random bugs. I was green with envy (really, you have no idea).

Anyway, back on topic, I was SO EXCITED to find this fang. I immediately ran back up to the house where I found the crew eating breakfast. I barged in screaming, “Look what I found!!!” I totally thought I had discovered a mammoth tooth or some kind of dinosaur’s baby fang. My imagination is quite imaginative, but I bet you already know this. Anyway, the “handsome young chap” who greeted us with champagne was still there, and he so kindly let me know that the tooth I was holding was once in the head of a wild boar. You should have seen the look on my face. My thoughts: “ . . . ”.   Well, I later found out that wild boars were the first animals that were brought to New Zealand by Europeans. I also found out that they are one of the most ferocious animals in the world. That makes my findings more cool….right? Well regardless, I have my prize!

All of a sudden, the rest of the crew members (approx 200+) arrived in a massive barge down at the water. “. . . t’was time” (Dun DUN DUNNNNN!) So, I went back to my room to prepare myself a bit more for the insane day that was just about to greet me.

Covergirl Photoshoot

I really thought I nailed it! I heard nothing but positive remarks from the photographer. I gave him “smiley – no teeth”; “smiley – lot’s of teeth”; “seduction, purrr”; and “I’m an innocent little girl”. So, therefore, by giving him many options meant giving Tyra many options, which she always likes. The photo shoot was the easiest one out of them all, especially seeing as there weren’t any prowlers watching viciously in the backgrounds.  Angelea?  No, of course I didn’t mean her!

The Commercial

ALRIGHT, well . . . um . . . $@#%**.  *@^$%!! (Yes, those are pretty much my thoughts when I got started shooting).

You have to remember that I had my lines DOWN, I mean D-O-W-N. I got infront of the camera with the entire New Zealand Sun blaring directly into my retinas, with over 200 crew members in the background watching silently, and 5 video cameras on me, and my brain went , “NEeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrr BOOM!” Yes, that is how it went.

I finally became comfortable (or as comfortable as I could with over 200 sets of eyes lazer-beaming me) around take 8 or 9. That’s kind of a lot dontchya think?  It was tough but I managed to pull through. I have never done a commercial or any kind of acting before this moment. I really didn’t know what to expect. Despite the nerves, I did have fun.

The theme of the overall commercial was “two girlfriends lounging around by the pool who get up to go get ready for their helicopter ride with their fine lads that take them to their destination of question-marked-ness". We were racing the sun as we filmed the last pieces of the helicopter ride. It was so funny! We did a couple takes where we ran into the helicopter with the boys and it took off. My “date” was absolutely horrified! I’ve never seen someone so scared before . . . well besides that one time when that poor girl found out she would have to get naked in front of national television and try to model a ring . . . that’s beside the point. Anyway, it was fun to film a commercial. I hope to do many more in the future!! We shall see where my "acting" skills take me.

Runway Show

Anna Sui! ALRIGHT! I am all about walking around and being flirty and fun. I couldn’t wait to rock that runway. I was SO EXCITED.

It was also really good to see Jessica again! Before the show Angelea came up to me, and I said, “Hey girl! How are you?” Her response, “Don’t you talk to me.” Whooopsies! Note to self: questions such as, “how are you” are prohibited when speaking to Angelea.

Backstage was pretty much a dance party for me. All I did was groove. The music was rocker meets circus hangin’ with STELLAR. I walked out and saw nothing but lights, cameras, and people. I blew a kiss to Tyra, winked to a couple strangers (do not try this at home…especially in a dark alley) and had fun with it all.

It was nothing but a giant adrenaline rush. I would love to do that every day if possible! Even though walking with Krista was competition, it was fun. I like competition . . . A LOT. The show seemed like it took less than 5 minutes, but it was probably around forty five. It was a whirlwind! I was in heaven.


I walk in to my New Zealand palace of expensiveness (my quaint and little apartment back home does not compare) with Krista and found Tyra in our living room setting up a studio, She informs us that we are about to do a family portrait. I was all excited because I knew that we would be getting to take a picture with Tyra! I had NO IDEA who was about to pop out! DAD!!!!!!!!

I couldn’t believe it! I was so shocked! I hadn’t talked to him in what felt like AGES! Now all of a sudden, he is half way around the world in my home away from home! I was so sad my mom couldn’t be there too . . . but to be honest, she was even sadder. My mom had surgery two days earlier and was in no condition to get on a plane for an entire day. When she got the phone call from the CW, she was told that in two days, both she and my dad would be on a plane to New Zealand. She called my dad and informed him of the supertastical news. Knowing my mom, she was probably packed in ten minutes.

I am sure if she had gotten the call earlier, she would have put off the surgery for a later date. She was more than upset when she couldn’t go, but I am very grateful that my dad was able to make it and that my mom was able to take care of herself. She is now doing much better and is almost completely healed! YAY MOM!

I am so glad my dad got to come. It was definitely the biggest shock of the entire show. He is definitely my hero. I would be nowhere near to where I am without him. Plus, I owe him for these big hairy monsters that live above my eyeballs . . . which Tyra just tweeted on twitter, “I just LOVE Raina’s eyebrows!” THANKS DAD.

Final Elimination

I LOVED what I was wearing. It was so chic and totally (one of) my styles (I love to rock the bohemian style, and don't mind sporting the girly flirty trends, and a few others too). Krista also looked beautiful with her slicked back hair.

It was good to hear so much critique from the judges. Tyra loved my runway walk, Miss J thought it was too much of a “Clydesdale”. Thanks?  Andre thought I wouldn’t be an international model. However immediately after elimination, he told me that I would be great for the London market.

Breaking news: Last week I just finished shooting an international campaign in Dubai for a multi brand boutique “Symphony” and a 4-6 page spread in Harper’s Bazaar Arabia. The Asian market has also recently expressed interest in me. I am more than appreciative of Andres critique, but when I am told that I cannot do something , I usually always find a way to do it.

Nigel as always, was very sweet and positive with his remarks for me. I really liked my Covergirl picture, but thought the commercial did need work. Even though it was my first time, it is no excuse for not doing better. I thought Krista’s Covergirl picture didn’t have any feeling or power behind it, and even though she looked great on the commercial, she did need to break up her lines for separate takes. Miss J loved her runway walk but thought it was too cheesy. Overall, I thought we were pretty much neck and neck.

I thought final deliberation with the judges panel would be the most nerve racking moment in my life, but it wasn’t. I was so exhausted and emotionally, mentally, and physically drained that I almost fell asleep. Whoopsies!

I remember walking up in front of Tyra and expecting a long wait to find out who the winner was. But no. All of a sudden I hear the words, “America’s Next Top Model is . . . ” And I was thinking, “Wait, already? Aren’t we suppose to wait longer or have more suspense filled awkward moments?” The room was so quiet and Tyra didn’t have any photos in her hands. It was so incredibly different than any other elimination. I was filled with so much suspense!

“. . . KRISTA”. Yes, I was sad…how could I not be? But then again, the girl standing next to me (despite her hurtful comments) just had her dream come true. How could I not be happy for her? Her life had just begun! I had nothing to say but “Congratulations, and Good Luck”. I was truly happy for her.

But then it hit me, “My life has just begun as well!” I wasn’t anything but happy. I really felt like I was supposed to be crying or angry or something of a negative/pessimistic quality, but my “happy disease” hadn’t yet been cured and I was still a Positive Polly.

I was so excited to get my career rolling and go back home to my amazing family, friends, and wonderful boyfriend.

The airplane ride back was longer than before. I got to sit next to one of the camera men. It was funny hearing stories from behind the lens. My favorite quote from him was, “When I first met you, I thought you were fake, because of how happy and energetic you were. But then I found out along the way that it was really you.” If my face would have allowed it, I would have smiled the entire way back to MN.

THE END (but not really, because I have the bloopers episode, my trip to Dubai and the international campaign for Symphony & a 6 page spread in Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, a photo shoot for the cover of Metro Mag, the photo shoot with the baby lamb you all drooled over, AND a photo shoot I finished yesterday that I still have to blog about) SO STAY TUNED!

XOXO <3 Raina

p.s. sorry again for taking a bagillion and half years to give you the second part of the finale! I have been UBER busy.

Episode Ten - finale part I

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Oh my goodness where do I even start?! Two hour finale . . . this is about to be an "epicly" long blog.

Guilty of Felony Happiness

Let's start off with my positive attitude, that drastically turned into a crime. If you were on an international TV show chillin with Nigel Barker and Tyra Banks in a beautiful country, living in a multi million dollar loft, and fulfilling your dream, I'm sure you would be nothing but a pessimist, irritated, and angry person. Right?

But then again, maybe Krista and Alexandra were right. I am happy, and that just isn't an okay emotion to have these days. I mean, what kind of an example was I setting for the youth of this world?  I am such a terrible role model ;)   I should probably consider going to Happy-rehab and turn into a sour, meany-headed, evil hater of life. Keep me away from your children, small animals, and even blossoming plants until then, for I may cause them happiness (shiver). This topic is getting too scary and I'm sure happiness is considered taboo in many countries, so I better stop talking about it before something happy happens to me.

Runway on the Runway

Before my adventures on Top Model, I used to LOVE airplane rides. I mean LOVE.  But taking a plane from Minnesota to LA to Minnesota to NYC to LA to New Zealand to the South Island of New Zealand within two months was definitely AIR TRAVEL OVERLOAD TO THE MAX FACTOR.

Next Challenge: Struttin' your stuff down an airplane aisle during turbulence and a severe incline while showing off your personality. Regardless of how fun it was, I did my best making sure to flirt-ify my way down the aisle while flipping my hair and blowing a kiss here and there. Unfortunately Miss Jay told me I looked like a linebacker (I didn't know they blew kisses and flipped their hair...what football games have I been watching my whole life?)

I actually decided to go online and look up a picture of a linebacker. To my great astonishment, shock, and surprise, a linebacker is most usually an 6'2” male that weighs a little over 300 lbs and wears a helmet.

It wasn't until I looked at a picture of myself, a 128 lb, 5'10.5" vampire-skinned female that is wearing nothing but a sparkly barrette on her head; that I then realized that Ms. Jay's comment was entirely incorrect.


Please, someone explain to me what this means for I still do not understand. I tried to embody a Queen Victoria type of figure. The makeup I was sporting was quite extreme, and the clothes were "out of this era" . . . literally. Seeing myself in both the makeup and clothes really helped me to step into that character better.

However, I must ask you, did you see what they did to my eyebrows? Now, I know these giant caterpillars take up the majority of my face, but to color them black and put spiky lines on them really brought them to a whole new level of gargantuan massiveness. 

I had a corset on that limited my breathing capacity to 40%, and was wearing about 20 lbs of clothes. How the heck did these girls do it back then, I’ll never know. To all of you ladies who ever went through this, I give you my utmost respect.

The photographer told me what he wanted and I did exactly as he asked. It was nice to know that Jay noticed it and complimented me on it. I really enjoyed where I was and what I was wearing. It was a rainy day on a stunning island where Queens used to live. I loved it all.

Jay did tell me that I wasn’t being ugly enough though. I tried to take my mind into a darker, uglier place that would evoke some kind of a dreary emotion. I was very pleased with my photo because it looked exactly how I felt. Andre even commented that he loved it and that it gave him an emotion as if something not so nice happened to me. As a model, sometimes it isn’t about being pretty, but evoking emotions and thoughts from someone. I was very glad that I did that. Nigel was also very fond of my image and said he liked the fact that he saw real talent emerging from me. The only judge who didn’t like it was Jay. You have to remember, that you can’t always please everyone, and that’s okay.

Double Elimination

This was incredibly nerve-racking. Of course Krista got called first. She had won every challenge and got best picture in every photo shoot since the week before we left for New Zealand. Her getting called first was no surprise to me at all.

Standing next to Angelea and Alexandra I was petrified. Here I am, standing in front of Tyra Banks and all I want to do is hear my name. I want nothing more than to walk in an Anna Sui runway show, and I’ve been wanting to do a Covergirl photo shoot and commercial since I was 12.

In my head, I heard Tyra saying Alexandra’s name, but I also heard her saying my name. I was prepared to go home, but was also prepared to stay. “Raina”, Tyra calls my name and every particle of my being froze. I was happier and more shocked than getting the Charzard card in Pokemon, or the Princess Diana Beanie Baby in 4th grade. I was more ecstatic than Charlie was when he inherited the chocolate factory (and that’s gotta be pretty darn exciting).

Yes, I did tear up. I am not the kind of girl to cry or get emotional, but hearing my name being called definitely got me. I still get all teary eyed when I watch it.  Shhh.

I remember back to the first day I auditioned for America’s Next Top Model. I never thought in a million years that I would have even made it to the second round of auditions . . . heck I wasn’t even going to go to the first audition. When I got that phone call that I made the show, I jumped up and down on my bed and screamed for 5 minutes before calling anyone. I can remember every detail. And now, I am a finalist "still on my way to becoming America’s Next Top Model", to quote a phrase.

I am that girl that gets to stomp it to the death in front of Tyra, Andre, Nigel, the Jays, and many more very prestigious figures in the fashion industry in an Anna Sui runway show. I am that girl that gets to do a Covergirl commercial, Covergirl photo shoot, and Seventeen Magazine picture with Nigel. I am on top of the world and no one can take me down.

I remember watching ANTM as a little girl and pretending I was one of those last two girls on the show and being all fierce in front of the mirror and doing my best catwalk down the grocery store aisle.

That dream had just become real!

Stay tuned for the second half of my blog, Finale Part II.

episode 10 - pending

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Wow!  What a week!!

I wasnt quite prepared for the uber-busy interview schedule after the final show.  But not to worry . . . I have LOTS to tell you about ugly-pretty, runway shows, CoverGirl, family portraits, the final panel, and my first international booking in the blog post I'm finishing up.

Thanks SO MUCH to fans and friends for all your support!! 

Watch for my next posting soon.

Episode Nine

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Waiting for Bilbo

Have you watched The Lord Of The Rings?! CUZ I HAVE!! I was the only girl in the house (I repeat, "the only girl") who had watched every single LOTR movie! I was unbelievably excited when I arrived at the Shire. Off camera, I was screaming, jumping all around, talking about the movie, being a nerd, etc. You really have no idea how hot I used to think Frodo was.  I can’t believe I met Rosie!!! She is so remarkably beautiful in person and has such a fun personality.

MOVING ON . . . The challenge we had in the hobbit doorway was definitely, well, challenging. I wanted to use all of my space and create angles. The doorway was a lot smaller than I originally thought it was (Oh, that might be because I am an Amazon-woman compared to a 4 foot hobbit).  I actually really thought that inside the doorway was the rest of Bilbo Baggins' house, and quite possibly (okay fine, DEFINITELY) expected Bilbo to be in there, but . . . it was just a doorway. Darn movie tactics!!!

What’d you think of the outfit I was wearing? Flaming green pants with poufy pockets and a high fashion bubble-sleeve top definitely isn’t what you’d catch me in strolling around the mall in, but I’d like to think that I made it look semi-alright!

This day was well over 90 degrees. And did you know that there is a hole in the ozone layer above New Zealand? Off set, the producers made sure I always had an umbrella over me otherwise my pale, vampire skin would sparkle in the sunlight and then melt away after burning into oblivion. I was so sweaty and SO hot. But, that definitely wasn’t about to stop me from doing my best! 

When we finished, I remember trying to take off my pants (to change back to the clothes I came in) after sweating profusely in them. It took me a good five minutes! You know how that goes! It was kind of like trying to put on a pair of tight, skinny jeans RIGHT after you got out of the shower and put a ton lotion all over your legs. But then again, you may not know this feeling if you are of the male species . . . or maybe you do.

I thought I did a great job using my space and brought something different to the table. Krista won the challenge . . . AGAIN.  Even though she is quite mean (especially to me), I congratulated her.

Photoshoot in a Rusty Wagon

Naked? AGAIN?! COME ON!!!

Yes, all of the girls got a pretty little dress to wear, while I’m stuck wearing itty bitty panties and my own hair taped (yes you read that correctly), TAPED to my boobies. I felt like a combination between that creature on the Matrix, mixed with a dead mermaid that had been recently resurrected, mixed with a butt-naked swamp monster. Attractive right? Well, regardless of how I “felt” I was 100% determined to give my photographer (TYRA BANKS!!!) a stellar photograph.

Alexandra’s set was some shaved logs. Jessica’s set was a grassy hill. Krista’s set was right outside the hair/makeup studio, right on the sidewalk, and Angelea’s set was an architectural piece of art.

Mine? Would you like to know what mine was? Good, you’re about to find out. My set was in a large rusty wagon filled with old wood chips, metal scraps, and moldy rope. I really didn’t care when I found out what my set was because all I could think about was working hard and getting many great shots. So, I climbed on in and wrapped myself up in the rope.

After about five shots, Tyra stops and screams, “GET THAT THING OFF OF HER! SOMEONE? PLEASE!” . . . your thoughts are correct my dear friend. I had a large, hairy, eight legged, New Zealand dwelling monster hop up on my leg. Want to know what my biggest fear (besides the dark) is? SPIDERS. Yep, SPIDERS.

I really didn’t know how to handle this situation to be honest with you.

First idea: I wanted to untangle myself, jump off the wagon, and run for at least a mile. But after pondering this for a few seconds, I figured that I wouldn’t have time to grab an umbrella, thus causing my vampire skin to sparkle, burn, and melt off, by the time I made it a mile away.

Second idea: Scream. But Tyra already did that for me.

Third idea: burst out in tears and demand for someone to kill it, along with its many hairy, family members and friends that I’m sure all had made their homes in this wagon of cleanliness.

What I actually did: Looked straight up (so I didn’t have a view of the hairy, eight legged, Raina-fan) and pretended that it never happened. It’s not every day that Tyra is your photographer. I did NOT want to screw this up, BUT if this was ANY OTHER SITUATION, I would have gone with one of my first three ideas.

Now you may have a tiny bit better of an understanding as to why I may have looked slightly not super duper happy.  Oh My Lanta! Yes, I actually say this. Why? I don’t know! I say a lot of things that don’t make sense! As you may already know, I am a very random, spontaneous, and unexplainable type of kid.

I tend to have my own language, that consists of words like: stellar, zesty, oh my lanta, NiceMcNicerson, FunMcFunnerson, QuietMcQuieterson, Lunch-ski, Dinner-ski, Funtastical, UBERFANTASTICAL, fabuliciousness, and plenty more.

It’s just me!  It comes with the package.

Anyway, it really is a bummer that Alexandra and Krista were talking about me and how I am “too happy”. Is that really a crime? Would you rather have me be all pessimistic, and negative? Nah, I don’t do that!

Come on! We are in New Zealand! We are working with Tyra and Nigel and all these amazing people!! And all you can do is sit around and complain about me being happy??? Oh well, at least I was the topic of conversation.

Tacos Anyone?

Now Jessica definitely has a place in my heart, but this “taco incident” was probably one of the more hysterical moments I encountered while being on the show. I can understand why she wanted her tacos shells toasted. That’s understandable right?

You may be wondering, “Did you guys have an oven?” Yes, yes we did. I do not fully understand why she decided to use the toaster, but she did.

After the toaster was ablaze, Jessica decided it would only be natural to throw a towel on top of it.

My thought process was quite different: “Towels are also flammable. Get baking soda . . . NOW”.  This is the only thing that will put out an electrical fire.  No baking soda though so here's the process:

Step one: UNPLUG IT. I did that.
Step two
: Get it out of the house: I did that. (I am laughing so hard right now)

OHhhh MAN. Ya just gotta love her. That’s all you really can do.

But want to know the best part of all?!  SHE DID IT AGAIN!  Yes, she brought back the toaster into the house . . . plugged it in . . . and placed another set of shells back up on the toaster. YES, AFTER SHE SET IT ON FIRE ONCE ALREADY . . . I have no other words for you.


Did I scare you?  Come on!!  You knew I wouldn’t go home!!

Next Week: the 2-hour finale (boy, that went quick didn't it?).  Get ready for:

  • Double elimination.
  • Anna Sui runway show
  • LOVE

See you next week ;)  -  Raina

"Most people would rather be certain they're miserable, than risk being happy."
  -  Robert Anthony

Episode Eight

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Heading to the Other Side of the World

The 22 hour trip to New Zealand was fun (if you like sitting in a cramped cabin of a 747 having legs, with the genetic make-up of an Amazon tribe, up to your chin). I sat next to a gentleman from England. He told me all about New Zealand and how beautiful the country was, which definitely got me all excited.

I’ve never been on a plane for more than six hours, so this was new to me. Airplane food isn’t too shabby! Unfortunately I missed both dinner and breakfast because I put a blanket over my head for my “sleeping tent”. I’m sure Krista and Angelea up in first class got all the goodies like champagne and what not.

The airport in New Zealand was SO CLEAN. I couldn’t find a garbage can anywhere (except they call them rubbish bins). There were actually a lot of words that were different, and found my self saying, “wait….what’s that?” multiple times. The people of New Zealand call themselves “Kiwi’s”. Their national bird is the Kiwi bird. Look it up, every time I see one, it cracks me up! They have uber long legs, and can’t fly! Kind of like me! The country fruit is also the Kiwi fruit (which you can eat with the skin on it, and it still tastes good!)

So, we get off the plane and RIGHT AWAY are greeted with a traditional Maori dance. I was expecting a greeting along the lines of, “Here is a necklace made of really pretty flowers and a handful of Kiwi’s (kiss on each cheek) have fun!” But what we got was actually a bit scary for me! It consisted of the protrusion and bulging of the tongue and eyeballs which meant either a "welcome" for friends, or a sign of “get out” to enemies depending on how it was done.

When the dance started, I think I jumped about a foot off the ground and landed a foot behind everyone else.

"Go Sees"

We find out that we have 4.5 hours to make it to six designers. I just got off a 22 hours plane ride. I smell bad, look bad, don’t have any heels with me, and feel like something that just crawled out of a hole. “SERIOUSLY?” I remember getting off the plane and my only thoughts were, “shower, food, sleep, NOW”. "Go Sees" wasn’t exactly what my little ears wanted to hear, but regardless of what I wanted, I was determined to come in first.

I try to be a good kid, but I’m also extremely competitive. The second I got to my first designer, I saw Alexandra strolling on in and put on my “zoom zoom helmet” and went into “hardcore race mode”.

I only made it to five out of six designers and thought it’d be good to go back to the agency right after the fifth one. By then, it had started to POUR rain. Not only was it raining cats, dogs, (and sheep) it was freezing cold! My driver was slower than a snail stuck on a road filled with peanut butter, and traffic was absolutely redonkulous. NYC + LA + Rush hour + ughhh = New Zealand traffic.

Since I was pretty darn close to the agency, I asked my snail driver if it would be faster if I walked. He said, “Probably! It’s on the other side of this block” Well, what would you have done? I willingly hopped out of that car. Note to self: NEVER TRUST YOUR DRIVER. I ended up walking over eight blocks in the rain thus causing the words and everything else on my map, to melt off.

So now, I’m standing in the middle of downtown NZ with a map that contains nothing on it. I remember stopping once on a street corner, feeling so very defeated, and had a "movie moment".  You know, “that” girl in “that” movie that is in pure defeat and you see the shot of her standing alone with the world spinning around her?  AWESOME. I immediately started to run away! I so did not want to be in that movie!

I asked a bunch of locals if they could help me. Every answer I got was, “Where? Sorry”


Well, I finally found the place but was 15 minutes late. I walked in so sopping wet that I had to take off my boots to ring them out. How embarrassing? Now, if you’re my friend or one of my family members, you’re thinking, “What’s new?” But I really had faith in myself that I would make it on time, seeing as this is a BIG DEAL. But no, I failed.

Getting immediately disqualified sucked, but I wasn’t going to let anything get me down. I was super bummed that I didn’t get to find out how many designer booked me at the go-sees. But if I had to guess, I would say 3 out of 5 would have.

The penthouse we stayed in was absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. The kitchen appliances themselves probably cost more than my apartment and car combined! The only problem was that the smallest room in the whole place was our bedroom. Six beds in one room, AND sharing one bathroom? Hmmm…not my ideal living situation. However, I was just happy to be there. I never once complained.

Quotes of the Day

Jessica: “I thought New Zealand was right above Canada. I had no idea.”

Jessica: “Wait, you’re tellin’ me that I can still model high fashion?”

The Photo Shoot

Hair and makeup was in a barn that was previously occupied by sheep. You can only imagine how it smelled like roses and sunshine. That pair of heels definitely got the heave-ho right after I got home.

Anyway, the photo shoot was AMAZING.

First of all, Nigel is such a gentleman. What you see on TV, is what he really is. I really wanted to work my set and give Tyra many options. I layed down, kneeled, jumped, and stood all over my set trying to deliver some versatile looks. Nigel was really impressed with me and gave me some really motivating comments. I really enjoyed working with a complicated gown. Anything challenging is really enjoyable for me.  Prince (the sheep) went back to his buddies and bragged about his long day of fame.

I was very confident going into panel seeing as Nigel was one of the judges. I knew he was impressed with me, and I couldn’t have been more ecstatic about that.  But FCO was not to be.

You may be asking, “Why did Angelea do the ‘I’m walking into a club’ strut in front of panel like that?”
My answer for you, “I have no answer for you”.

Jessica and Alasia fell into the bottom two and Alasia ended up going home. I must admit even though that girl scares me, she can take a great picture. And Jessica was criticized once again for being just “a pretty girl”.

I went back home and opened up my journal which I am looking at right now. There are four whole pages that consist of, “FINAL FIVE OF AMERICAS NEXT TOP MODEL CYCLE 14! OMGOMG!!!!!!!”

Next week is going to be shocking.

See you soon. - Your Fellow New Zealand Dweller, Raina.