Episode Two

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Alright, episode #2. WOAH. First off, I STILL cannot believe I got naked in front of national television. REALLY. That was probably one of the four hardest things I had to do during my experience on ANTM.

I remember walking into that room with the mannequin (thnx spell checkers) and hearing J say, “you only get to wear one piece”. Shoot, I’m in the very back of the bunch…which means I get to the mannequin last. UUGHHH. (ENTER LINEBACKER MODE). My football skills finally get to be used…..WAIT…I’ve never played football.

What I'm thinking at the time: MY GRANDMA IS GOING TO KILL ME. Well, I just got off the phone with her, and she's OK! That’s a plus.

Anyway, I rushed toward that mannequin hoping to grab the post-it note that said either, VEST, SHORTS, PANTS, or SCARF. But no, of course I got the ring…THE SMALLEST THING on the mannequin. Deep down inside, I was freaking out. I was more nervous than you would ever believe. Here I am, with my goodies flailing to the world and I’m supposed to sell a ring!

Well, I remember taking off my robe and walking on set. What I'm thinking at the time: “I wonder how many people are staring straight at my non-existent ta ta’s right now. RAINA SNAP OUT OF IT, YOU AREN’T GOING HOME. YOU HAVE TO ROCK THIS PHOTOSHOOT.”  So, I did. I stepped on set with more confidence than the popular girl in school who just got a new designer handbag. Yea, I was that girl with confidence. I don’t really know where it came from considering my goodies were out on display, but it doesn’t matter because I sold the ring (as Andre so eloquently stated).

Tyra and Andre called me a courtesan….hmmm I guess that’s a good thing right?  Anyway, I couldn’t believe Tatianna’s picture! It reminded me of something in a men’s magazine. However, she did look gorgeous. My favorite picture was probably Simone’s. It just looked so elegant. Then there was Naduah’s. I was shocked. If they hadn’t blurred out her “no no spot”, that’d be a straight shot to the nether-regions. Yikes! Then there is Alasia’s picture. To be honest, I thought it was very creative and very bold, but I could never show off my derrière so candidly like that! Then there was Gabrielles. I remember panel that day; the picture popped up on the screen and the whole room was dead silent for about 15 seconds. I’m so sad she went home. I really liked her. She was such a sweetheart!

The House So Far

Alasia: Oh my goodness does that girl love to fight! And if you are wondering, yes she really did throw a scissors and spatula at Ren. However, I do remember Ren egging her on a little bit. Now, picture yourself being thrown into a house with 12 other girls that are completely different from you culturally, emotionally, money-wise, education-wise, intelligence-wise, family-wise, etc. etc. There are bound to be some crazy fights. And, there were.

Runway Challenge

SWINGING PENDULUMS?!?!?! UM…..WHAT! Miss J really wasn’t kidding when he said that timing was everything. I can literally see myself falling off this runway. However, after pretending one of the busiest intersections in NYC was a runway, and having to dodge traffic, I felt a bit more prepared. And, having people stop dead in their tracks to watch you strut your stuff, is quite a goofy feeling!

The pendulums were no joke! They weren’t all that light either. Thankfully, it never hit me once! I remember watching Alexandra on the TV back in the hair/makeup room. I wanted to cry. The poor girl. Do you know how embarrassing that’d be?! REALLY REALLY EMBARRASSING, like….being naked on national TV…wait, I DID THAT. But, she got up and got herself together and finished it. I personally thought she did an amazing job and rocked it. And Rachel Roy is right; models fall ALL the time. We aren’t perfect! Shoot….I trip and fall at LEAST once a week (insert previous blog).

This runway show was really fun. I was wearing this breathtaking, dark green, silk, gown. It felt so comfortable, and I felt like a princess! I wish I would have won the challenge so I could have kept the dress, but Brenda did deserve it. She’s a runway rocker! The most intimidating part for me was the stairs. These weren’t any ordinary stairs with the special gripped texture. They were Fully POLISHED, just WAXED, see-yourself-in-the-reflection, MARBLE. Did I mention that we are in five inch heels? I took the stairs slow, because I went after Alexandra and I was in NO WAY planning on sliding down those evil, waxed, marble contraptions.

Photo Shoot #2:  RAIN(A) AND WIND

First of all, they really didn’t illustrate to you how difficult this photo shoot was. It wasn’t simply “rain” that was hitting you. It was a legit, hardcore power-hose. The water was FREEZING cold, and on top of it all, there were a couple wind machines to make it even better.

Now, this may sound odd at first, but I have taken at least a hundred ice baths in my life. Being a volleyball player, you get REALLY sore. Like the kind of sore where you can’t even get out of bed in the middle of the night to go potty because your body hurts so bad from seven hours of brutal practicing. SO, the only way to help your body be in less pain: ice baths. Don’t know what an ice bath is? Well, it’s where you go to Seven Eleven, buy five, maybe six (you might need to make a drink) bags of ice, dump it in your bathtub, fill it up with very cold water, take off all your clothes, and get in. Or, if you live in the arctic tundra, like myself, using 60.32 lbs of snow works too, thus releasing the lactic acid in your muscles. Since I’ve had to endure this on many occasions, AND since I live in the coldest state in the entire United States, I felt pretty prepared. Yes it was cold, but I wasn’t going to let ANYTHING stop me from getting an amazing picture.

I remember thinking to myself, “I am going to beat this rain and wind.” I looked at the photo shoot as a competition between me and the elements. After the photo shoot was over, I went back downstairs to hair and makeup, drenched like a wet dog and violently shaking. I was so cold! Thankfully, one of the wonderful hair stylists let me use his blow dryer to warm myself up.

Naduah: This girl is a sweetheart. However, every time…I mean EVERY time a makeup artist puts makeup on her, she would change it to her own liking. It’s important to trust your stylists. After all, it isn’t about the model. It’s about what is ON the model.

Panel is nerve-racking! I had amazing reviews from J and great feedback from the photographer, so I wasn't too excessively nervous. However, you never ever know what to expect. After all, I never thought Gabrielle would be the first to go home, and that shocked me.

I remember Tyra telling me that I looked like someone in Twilight, or a wolf. I’m thinking, “OOOooooooWwww”. I could NOT BELIEVE Tyra called my name first, and howled too?! I wanted to run around screaming like a little girl who just got a pink pony. I remember looking at my photo after she handed it to me, and couldn’t believe it was me. That was the first time I said to myself, “Raina, you ARE a model”. This was a gargantuan confidence booster.

I NEVER thought Naduah would be eliminated second! I couldn’t believe it! But Nigel and J are right; Sometimes simplicity is better.

Next episode should be quite interesting. Stay tuned!!! ;) ;)