Episode Three

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Here we go. Holy moly….alot to say.

Ren: The girl really didn’t want to be there. And to be honest, living in a house with a bunch of other strangers that really like to fight, can be quite stressful. I would have to classify Ren as a free spirited, totally chill, let’s just lay on the beach with a bottle of wine, type of girl. I admire her for staying as long as she did, because it can really wear and tear on ya. However, it really does piss me off to know that there are SO MANY other girls that would just die to be in her shoes. Anyway, Ren is probably off doing what she loves without the drama “ruining her sanity and happiness”.
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Ainsley: WHAT?!?!?! This girl loves to fight! Why the anger dude? Right now, it’s a four way tie between Krista, Angelea, Alasia and Ainsley to be named Most Intense Fighter Of The House, or most commonly known as “MIFOTH.”

Anyway, the Fab Bus was FABulous. Toccara is GORGEOUS. She is super successful and such an inspiration. Anyway (again), I was really excited about the fact that I had a free pass to the go-see’s at BlueFly.com. I can’t believe I got a $500 gift card there!!! I haven’t bought anything yet. What should I get? I’m thinking some bomb-dig shoes, or maybe some fancy shmancy jewelry. Dior? Chanel? Loubiton? YES YES annnnd YES. What do you think?

I am super excited for Simone. Who wouldn’t want to win a $2,500 gift card AND a photoshoot for BlueFly.com?! That lucky duck. If I had to describe her in three words, it would be: regal, sophisticated, and intelligent.

After our adventures at BlueFly, we went back home and chilled. We probably got home at about 2am (betchya didn’t know that!) and we were super exhausted. I was actually really glad Brenda tried to motivate everyone to go to bed early…(we ended up having to get up at 6am the next day).

Anyway, I can’t believe Krista called her Geppetto! What does that even mean? Really? Anyway, I also found it really rude that Angelea, and Krista were calling her Chuckie and talking about her behind her back. Is this really necessary? I think not (old English voice). Why everyone picked on her, I DON’T KNOW. I’m not the biggest fan of fighting, or yelling (hence the reason you haven’t spotted me in an epic yelling match). Anyway, I am shocked at the fact that some girls can be so mean! But, that’s life right? You just have to stay the bigger person.

Photoshoot:  "The Dance"

We are greeted by Mr. Jay and Troy Powell whom is an astounding dancer/dance instructor. As Mr. Jay is talking, I am thinking, “I really hope I get something easy”, because I have absolutely no idea how to dance. I mean, I think I’m a Stellar McStellar dancer when I go out to the bars or clubs, but as for being good at a specific type of dance…I fail. I am assigned jazz. THANK GOODNESS, Because that’s A LOT easier than moshing, African, or break-dancing (even though I have been known to whip out some balla, gangsta, breakdancing moves in the streets…NOT). Troy gave me some great tips and helped me out a lot. He is very genuine, talented, and extremely kind. Third photoshoot in, and I am still getting great reviews from Mr. Jay! YAY! I practiced for at least an hour and a half before it was my time to shoot. I really wanted to nail this photo shoot just like the last one! I am very dedicated and serious when it comes to modeling. After all, it’s my dream, therefore, I give it all 110% because I refuse to be sent home. Mr. Jay gave me amazing feedback and even said I was giving him “Harpers Bazaar”. I WAS SO EXCITED!

Simone ended up crying after her photo shoot because she was struggling a lot; I felt really bad for her. It’s tough doing something that you are completely unfamiliar with. Mr. Jay didn’t have the most positive remarks for her during her shoot, which hit her hard. Simone is probably the most genuine person out of all the girls, which stuck out to me a lot.

I thought that Alexandra’s photo was the best this week. I give her props for whipin’ out some fierce break dancing moves in 5 inch heels! EEek! Anyway, it comes down to Ren and Brenda. All I’m thinking is, “Ren can’t stay. She truly doesn’t want to be here…and if Brenda goes home, my closest friend leaves”.

Ren ends up going home, and Brenda finds out from Tyra that she is about to endure another transformation. Have you checked out the previews for the next episode? Definitely not extensions….BuuzZZzZzzZZ.

Advice of the Day: “If you have a dream, go for it 100%. Don’t sit around doing something because you think you should or you want to impress someone else. Do what you love, and do it for yourself.”

Next week: Sitting in a bathtub, covered in blood, wearing fangs?

That’s not all of it.  Stay tuned. ;)