Episode Four

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Alright so, Episode number 4.


I’ve definitely never ever done anything like this before, so I must admit that it was a little nerve-racking to be in front of a bagillion people while acting a fool.

This is how it went: The Upright Citizens Brigade (whom by the way are super awesome-tastic) picked an action, and the audience picked an emotion or feeling. You may look back and say, “Hey Raina! They didn’t show you at all! What did you do?” Well, it’s quite embarrassing actually.

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First off, the improvers told me that my action was to “set up a camp site”. I’m thinking, “I can totally do this no problem!” Then the audience yells out, “LUSTFULLY!” My jaw just about hit the floor. My thoughts now are, “Ummm…this is about to get real awkward real fast.” Yes, I was all over that stage being “lustful” and whipping out body language similar to a cross between Pam Anderson and Michael Jackson. It ended up turning quite provocative (don’t worry my clothes stayed on), but the audience couldn’t stop laughing. I will say that it was quite hilarious, but possibly a tad bit inappropriate (well I wasn’t about to “play it safe,” I wanted to be the best one out there!!!)

After I finished, I received a huge round of applause and sat back in my seat where I began to turn tomato red and sweat uncontrollably. But that’s what life is about right; embarrassing yourself over and over and hopefully getting a laugh or two…or something like that. Anyway, it was hysterical watching the girls act out their scenes. It was without doubt a pleasant change of pace. I’m glad I went for it 100% and got some good laughs (that’s what improv is all about!).

The Infamous Covergirl Commercial

I have dreamt of doing a Covergirl commercial since that one day in 6th grade when I first started watching America’s Next Top Model and deciding I wanted to become a supermodel. So, today was that day. But, ummm IT’S LIVE?!?! How terrifying?! I looked out the window from where I was sitting and could see the jumbotron which was insanely massive. Then I proceeded to look even further down and got a great glimpse of New York City waiting for the commercials to start.

I feel like I would have been outrageously nervous, but then I remembered that I just got done acting like a complete idiot on stage in front of way too many people, so I knew I was going to rock this commercial. But wait…..NO WORDS?! Okay, so not only are we about to be LIVE on massively gargantuan jumbotron in the middle of Times Square, we don’t get to talk at all? We have one shot, and one shot only. I wasn’t about to fall flat.

I did my absolute best and worked that camera. At first I thought it would be difficult to not talk during a commercial, I realized I was completely right! It was VERY difficult not being able to talk during a commercial! But, I think compared to most of the other girls, I did really well. I just had fun with it and did my best to just be myself because I truly feel like personality shines through in everything you do, i.e. photoshoots runway shows, commercials, job interviews, etc etc.

Tatianna ended up winning this challenge because she tossed her hair around and gave some spirit fingers to the camera. She did do well, but I was surprised she won. Jessica ended up rolling her eyes at the end of her commercial because she thought it was over….but it wasn’t! Oops! I thought it was funny, but I’m not too sure Times Square did.

Overall, it was a great challenge because we only had one shot to make it look right. It was definitely a lot of pressure, but it was exhilarating at the same time.

The Vampire Shoot

So, if you have been wondering, this was another one of the most difficult things I ever had to do.

It wasn’t so much being in a pool of blood as it was being entirely blind as a bat. I sat blind in that makeup chair for almost 30 minutes waiting for the girl in front of me to finish up her shoot. I felt very claustrophobic and a wee bit terrified. Everyone who bumped into me or walked by me scared the shnikies out of me. Finally, Jay came to save my day. He told me to grab his arm and stay close to him while he led me out of the makeup room and onto set. He gave me a lot of positive remarks and advice which gave me even more confidence.

The photo shoot was challenging because I couldn’t see where my light was. Being a model, it is vitally important to know where your light is. Also, I didn’t know where the photographer was; I mean, I could hear her voice, but I didn’t know exactly where she was. And on top of everything, the tub that I was sitting in was full of super sticky, mega gooey, absolutely freezing cold blood. Yes, blood. I’m kidding! It was corn syrup mixed with food dye. Gotchya! But that was absolutely no excuse to do less than excellent.

Once again, I was determined to have the best photoshoot. I didn’t really care that I didn’t know where my light was or that I didn’t know where the photographer was, or that I was covered in sticky, slimy, uber-gooey, freezing cold blood. But what I did care about was getting not only one, but many great shots.

My thoughts for this particular photoshoot were quite different l of the other girls. The other girls were “in love with” or “in a romance with” the male vampire model. But let’s think about that for a second. I mean theoretically, this guy “just bit me and drained me of all my blood” so, why the heck should I then fall in love with him!? So, I decided that I was angry, and “wanted revenge for draining me of my blood” and it did end up working for me!!!

Tyra, Nigel, and Jay were all super duper impressed with my shot. The best part however was when the photographer told me that I inspired her and that I could compete with all of the other high fashion super models that she is used to shooting. I was so shocked and yelped, “THANKS!!!” to which she replied with, “you aren’t even looking in my general direction….but you are welcome!” Hahaha, those darn blind contacts made me feel so darn stupid.

Anyway, elimination (like every elimination so far) was scary. I mean, I know I had a stellar photoshoot, but it’s still hardcore terrifying! I reeeeeally wanted to get best photo, but it ended up going to Alasia (who did have a really great shot). I ended up getting best-photo-runner-up, which is also a great honor. I didn’t complain at all because I knew I did nothing but my very best and the judges had nothing bad to say about my photo. Regardless of how gruesomely disgusting the photo looks, I am quite pleased with the picture I got!

Haven’t been eliminated yet! Yuussssss!!! High Five!

Next week is going to be awkward, highly amusing and quite comical. See you then ;)