Episode Five

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Make Your Co-worker/Male Model Feel Comfortable


When Miss Jay told us that we would have to make a male model feel comfortable, I wasn’t worried. I’m not afraid to talk to someone! I’m usually that girl on the bus or plane, who starts asking people what their favorite color is for the heck of it! I mean, it’s just a question! It’s not like I’m ripping off your clothes or something!

Anyway, I wasn’t too worried because I’m not one to fear an awkward moment (heck that’s what life is made up of!) However, there was a spin to it all. Miss Jay told us that this particular male model is part of a very successful television show and is well known throughout the fashion world. Not in 1 million years, on a different planet, with a smarter brain would I have EVER thought it would be NIGEL!!!!

But, now that I think about it...yes he was a very well known model (look at him, DUH) and yes he is a part of a very successful television show (ANTM, DUHHH). Wow, I really wish I would have prepared myself for that. I stepped on the tram thinking it would be some hot guy from Vogue or something. But no, it was much more drastic than that. Good ol’ Nigel turns around with his little grin and British accent, “oh, hello!”

My reaction: “HI IM RAINA! WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE COLOR?!” …..wow, did I really just do that? Yes, I was that nervous. Well wouldn’t YOU be?! First of all, he’s my JUDGE, second of all, he’s my PHOTOGRAPHER, and third of all, HE’S NIGEL BARKER. So yes, I did sweat and turn red and ask many random questions like, “So, what store do you like to buy your socks at?” But come to think of it, I probably would have asked the same questions to anybody else! I’m not the ordinary person. I like to spice things up.

I know I wasn’t shown a lot in this episode, but I can still tell you all about it. Even without a lot of airtime. Aren’t you glad I have a blog?

In Lingerie with a Comedian….Hmmm, Not Funny.

Anyway, on to the challenge with Nigel AGAIN. We are thrown into lingerie, which by the way isn’t my favorite attire to be wearing on national television. Oh well, I think I still managed to rock it.

Ross Matthews is HILARIOUS. He made me laugh so many times, and it really was a “challenge” not letting him crack me up. And what was that line he threw at me? Oh yeah, “You’re riding me like a bull!” Sorry?

Anyway, it was really difficult having Nigel photograph us from far away. Getting critique and advice during a photo shoot really helps. Since I’ve been a volleyball player my whole life, I’ve had coaches yelling in my face all the time to tell me what I need to change or do something different to become better. Usually on photo shoots, Jay is there (similar to a coach, just not as mean) to help us become the best we can be. Therefore, not being able to communicate to Nigel really made things difficult.

I think I had some great photos (I wish they would’ve showed them!). Jessica ended up winning because she jumped on him and straddled the poor guy. It was quite a bold move which made everyone in the room silent, and quite uncomfortable. However, she did end up winning those ear sparkles!

I really wish I would have seen her and Nigel on the tram in person. Watching Nigel’s uncomfortable and extremely awkward reaction on TV just wasn’t as good as in person. You have NO IDEA how bad I wish I would have been there! (I am currently laughing very hard).

Fake: . . . feathers, contacts, nails, hair, clothes, shoes, tans, etc.  Eeek!

This photo shoot was definitely an extreme. If you look closely at any of the pictures, you will notice that I have no eyebrows. Yes, I mean that. The makeup artists spent over an hour and a half taking off my eyebrows. They put seven layers of plaster over those caterpillars on my face, thus making my forehead feel very lonely. Then they put false eyelashes right underneath where my eyebrows would have been and then another set on top of my upper cheek bone.

Looking at myself up close in a mirror definitely terrified me A LOT. I felt like Lady GaGa gone terribly wrong. I looked like a completely different person, but that’s what this photo shoot was all about, right?

I remember Tyra telling me I need to work on my posing because I have a very “boxy” frame. I know I lack in the curves department, and am pretty much a “straight up and down” type of body-frame, but that certainly isn’t a bad thing. All it means is that I need to create an illusion of having the curves, when necessary. So, I did just that.

I thought I rocked this photo shoot, but being in the bottom three really doesn’t help me to believe that I did. The only negative feedback I’ve received so far, is from this photo shoot; I was told that I needed, “to be sure of what I was doing”.

I really liked Brenda and Tatianna’s outfit. I thought they looked amazing. And to be honest, Tatianna’s picture was my favorite picture out of the bunch. It was so haute couture in such a “fake” way. Unfortunately, the judges weren’t a fan of it and she was sent home.

I like Tatianna. She’s a goofy character; never afraid to burp or fart multiple times in someone’s face. I think she has beautiful skin and some great opportunities in her future. I am curious to see if she pursues modeling or “dead-body-examining” more. I guess time will tell! I support whatever she chooses!

Did You Catch the Preview for Next Episode?


Raina: (wanted to say) - “How did it feel not making it in the house on cycle 12?” 

Raina: (actually said)nothing 

However, next week’s photo shoot is quite moving, and the tension continues to build between the girls who love to fight.

See ya next week! 

xoxo, Raina