Episode Seven

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New York Draggin'

Whitney Port and Pat Clevelend slide by to prepare us for a dragalicious evening. We all get to wear one of Whitney’s designs and get all fabulously stylish.  I do believe it felt as if there were tarantulas chillin’ on my eyelids… did you see those fake eyelashes?! They almost got into a fight with my eyebrows!

Anyway, we got all perty-fied and went out to the drag club.  To be honest with you all, I have NEVER in my life been to a place like this. Overall, twas quite entertaining. But let me tell ya, drag queens can STRUT a runway! So, we have a lil’ competition to see who can show off their personality best on the runway.

What is my personality? Random, silly, goofy, spontaneous. How the heck am I supposed to “display” that on a runway? I figured that I might as well let my spontanaeity take over and figure it out once I got up there. So, I started out smiling a big cheesy grin (HEY I WAS EXCITED!) and then it turned into a couple twirls and ended with a curtsey. (haha…I’m laughing right now).

Anyway, Krista ended up winning the challenge.

My favorite part of this segment was the measure of fierceness, or shall I say, the "Fierce-O-Meter". Ya gotta love ANTM. Anslee’s walk definitely intimidated me, but not in a “I’m the best runway walker here, and you are all my competition” kind of intimidation, but more of a “I will hunt you down” kind of an intimidation. Her face is just too gorgeous not to smile!

The crowd was fun! I definitely included them by making eye contact with them. I love applause, whether it’s for me, or Bob next door, they’re just so fun!


LATE AGAIN. (That’s all)

A Hairy Situation

Alright, on to the photoshoot.

Question of the Day (or which I prefer to call "QOTD"): "Was that hair human hair?" Well my friends, I am sorry to disturb you but yes, some of it was. Fortunately, mine wasn’t - along with most pieces of the “Weaven Steven” team. But the opposing side had real hair. YIKES!

However, I don’t care if you dress me up in "already been practiced in" football gear, I am going to make it look FIERCE! But that does sound nasty. So, like always, I put away all of my distractions and put 100% effort, energy, and fierceness forward.  I can’t believe I got to wear an Alexander McQueen inspired jacket. It was probably around 15 lbs, but I didn’t care. It was so outstandingly radical!

Since I have been a volleyball player all of my life, up until a year and a half ago, I am quite used to coaches and fans screaming (not always the most pleasant of words) at me, as well as other players on the court. Being an athlete, you learn to block them out in a way that it doesn’t bother you or affect you at all.

I was SO LUCKY that Krista, and Angelea were on my side. Could you imagine what they would have said? Actually, since we are on this topic, to be honest I 100% completely do not understand why Angelea and Krista don’t like me! I’ll never know. Just like I’ll never know why the phrase, “I’m just being real” is so cool. REGARDLESS, I am happy with the photo I got.  This photo was definitely one of my favorites. The first one was the “rain/wind/disappearing purple perfume/wolf/awwwO0oO0o” one.

I love the use of movement in photographs and this photo shoot was ALL about movement. Want to know the worst part of this shoot? Good, cuz I’m about to tell you. Well, a gentleman from Paris was flown in to do my hair for this photo shoot. He back-combed it, (or ratted it out) for almost 45 minutes, where it was then formulated into awesome spherical shapes on my noggin. He then sprayed it with some auburn/red paint to match my “hairy coat”. Don’t get me wrong now, I looooooved the hair-doo. But when it came to taking it out, I was 46% on the way to a fit of tears. To give an overall estimate of the time I spent taking it out, would have to be somewhere in the ballpark of an hour or so. I almost whipped out the scissors in honor of Brenda.

The Sleeping Panel

I’m sure you read it all over our faces, “ummmm… WHAT IS GOING ON”  Nap time?! Probably the most awkward moment I’ve experienced yet. Thank goodness the ruggedly rugged shepherd man came along to save the day. Last but not least, the sheep come in. Oh my lanta!!! They were pretty darn cute!

So Andre, Nigel, and Whitney LITERALLY catch a “Z”.  Now folks, these aren’t just any ordinary Z’s. They were green and sparkly. K? Anyway, I am still standing there as lost and confused as the look you saw on my face. Tyra stands up and pulls down her Z. Along with it came a poster that read, “NEW ZEALAND”. I just about pee’d my pants. Not really, but it sounded funny.


Alright, I’ll calm down (but not really). SO, I jumped up and down for a good long while, as I screamed like a little girl who got a neon, hot, pink, tricycle. Yes, I did.

When panel was over Anslee ended up going home. But I really liked her photo! Is it me or do some of you also think that her photo, along with some other eliminee’s weren’t elimination-worthy? To be truthful, I thought Angelea’s photo was utterly horrid. Alasia’s was beautiful, and Krista’s made a statement.

So, the two (insert word of choice here) girls get to ride first class to New Zealand. From NYC, it’s a 22 hour journey. YES, TWENTY TWO. I’ve never been out of the country before! This is about to be epic.

Dear New Zealand,

Are you ready for me?
I’m about to take you by storm!

Love, Raina