Episode Nine

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Waiting for Bilbo

Have you watched The Lord Of The Rings?! CUZ I HAVE!! I was the only girl in the house (I repeat, "the only girl") who had watched every single LOTR movie! I was unbelievably excited when I arrived at the Shire. Off camera, I was screaming, jumping all around, talking about the movie, being a nerd, etc. You really have no idea how hot I used to think Frodo was.  I can’t believe I met Rosie!!! She is so remarkably beautiful in person and has such a fun personality.

MOVING ON . . . The challenge we had in the hobbit doorway was definitely, well, challenging. I wanted to use all of my space and create angles. The doorway was a lot smaller than I originally thought it was (Oh, that might be because I am an Amazon-woman compared to a 4 foot hobbit).  I actually really thought that inside the doorway was the rest of Bilbo Baggins' house, and quite possibly (okay fine, DEFINITELY) expected Bilbo to be in there, but . . . it was just a doorway. Darn movie tactics!!!

What’d you think of the outfit I was wearing? Flaming green pants with poufy pockets and a high fashion bubble-sleeve top definitely isn’t what you’d catch me in strolling around the mall in, but I’d like to think that I made it look semi-alright!

This day was well over 90 degrees. And did you know that there is a hole in the ozone layer above New Zealand? Off set, the producers made sure I always had an umbrella over me otherwise my pale, vampire skin would sparkle in the sunlight and then melt away after burning into oblivion. I was so sweaty and SO hot. But, that definitely wasn’t about to stop me from doing my best! 

When we finished, I remember trying to take off my pants (to change back to the clothes I came in) after sweating profusely in them. It took me a good five minutes! You know how that goes! It was kind of like trying to put on a pair of tight, skinny jeans RIGHT after you got out of the shower and put a ton lotion all over your legs. But then again, you may not know this feeling if you are of the male species . . . or maybe you do.

I thought I did a great job using my space and brought something different to the table. Krista won the challenge . . . AGAIN.  Even though she is quite mean (especially to me), I congratulated her.

Photoshoot in a Rusty Wagon

Naked? AGAIN?! COME ON!!!

Yes, all of the girls got a pretty little dress to wear, while I’m stuck wearing itty bitty panties and my own hair taped (yes you read that correctly), TAPED to my boobies. I felt like a combination between that creature on the Matrix, mixed with a dead mermaid that had been recently resurrected, mixed with a butt-naked swamp monster. Attractive right? Well, regardless of how I “felt” I was 100% determined to give my photographer (TYRA BANKS!!!) a stellar photograph.

Alexandra’s set was some shaved logs. Jessica’s set was a grassy hill. Krista’s set was right outside the hair/makeup studio, right on the sidewalk, and Angelea’s set was an architectural piece of art.

Mine? Would you like to know what mine was? Good, you’re about to find out. My set was in a large rusty wagon filled with old wood chips, metal scraps, and moldy rope. I really didn’t care when I found out what my set was because all I could think about was working hard and getting many great shots. So, I climbed on in and wrapped myself up in the rope.

After about five shots, Tyra stops and screams, “GET THAT THING OFF OF HER! SOMEONE? PLEASE!” . . . your thoughts are correct my dear friend. I had a large, hairy, eight legged, New Zealand dwelling monster hop up on my leg. Want to know what my biggest fear (besides the dark) is? SPIDERS. Yep, SPIDERS.

I really didn’t know how to handle this situation to be honest with you.

First idea: I wanted to untangle myself, jump off the wagon, and run for at least a mile. But after pondering this for a few seconds, I figured that I wouldn’t have time to grab an umbrella, thus causing my vampire skin to sparkle, burn, and melt off, by the time I made it a mile away.

Second idea: Scream. But Tyra already did that for me.

Third idea: burst out in tears and demand for someone to kill it, along with its many hairy, family members and friends that I’m sure all had made their homes in this wagon of cleanliness.

What I actually did: Looked straight up (so I didn’t have a view of the hairy, eight legged, Raina-fan) and pretended that it never happened. It’s not every day that Tyra is your photographer. I did NOT want to screw this up, BUT if this was ANY OTHER SITUATION, I would have gone with one of my first three ideas.

Now you may have a tiny bit better of an understanding as to why I may have looked slightly not super duper happy.  Oh My Lanta! Yes, I actually say this. Why? I don’t know! I say a lot of things that don’t make sense! As you may already know, I am a very random, spontaneous, and unexplainable type of kid.

I tend to have my own language, that consists of words like: stellar, zesty, oh my lanta, NiceMcNicerson, FunMcFunnerson, QuietMcQuieterson, Lunch-ski, Dinner-ski, Funtastical, UBERFANTASTICAL, fabuliciousness, and plenty more.

It’s just me!  It comes with the package.

Anyway, it really is a bummer that Alexandra and Krista were talking about me and how I am “too happy”. Is that really a crime? Would you rather have me be all pessimistic, and negative? Nah, I don’t do that!

Come on! We are in New Zealand! We are working with Tyra and Nigel and all these amazing people!! And all you can do is sit around and complain about me being happy??? Oh well, at least I was the topic of conversation.

Tacos Anyone?

Now Jessica definitely has a place in my heart, but this “taco incident” was probably one of the more hysterical moments I encountered while being on the show. I can understand why she wanted her tacos shells toasted. That’s understandable right?

You may be wondering, “Did you guys have an oven?” Yes, yes we did. I do not fully understand why she decided to use the toaster, but she did.

After the toaster was ablaze, Jessica decided it would only be natural to throw a towel on top of it.

My thought process was quite different: “Towels are also flammable. Get baking soda . . . NOW”.  This is the only thing that will put out an electrical fire.  No baking soda though so here's the process:

Step one: UNPLUG IT. I did that.
Step two
: Get it out of the house: I did that. (I am laughing so hard right now)

OHhhh MAN. Ya just gotta love her. That’s all you really can do.

But want to know the best part of all?!  SHE DID IT AGAIN!  Yes, she brought back the toaster into the house . . . plugged it in . . . and placed another set of shells back up on the toaster. YES, AFTER SHE SET IT ON FIRE ONCE ALREADY . . . I have no other words for you.


Did I scare you?  Come on!!  You knew I wouldn’t go home!!

Next Week: the 2-hour finale (boy, that went quick didn't it?).  Get ready for:

  • Double elimination.
  • Anna Sui runway show
  • LOVE

See you next week ;)  -  Raina

"Most people would rather be certain they're miserable, than risk being happy."
  -  Robert Anthony